Hassan Hashi Adan


  • Master of Telecommunications Engineering at University Tun Hussein on Malaysia (UTHM)
  • Bachelor of Telecommunications Engineering at SIMAD UNIVERSITY




Skills Qualifications

  • RF Planning & optimization Software (TEMS Investigation, TEMS Discovery, Google Earth, Map Info and ACTIX)
  • Cabling for IBW and WIFI
  • Understanding wireless and RF Path
  • Designing and installation fiber cable system
  • Core Network, Transmission, GSM, ISP and PSTN
  • CAMPUS Network installation and Entrepreneurial Engineering

Research Area

  • RF & Coverage Planning
  • Antenna parameters installations
  • Wireless Configuration (Huawei & Parallel wireless)
  • Fiber Optic Cabling & Configuration
  • Coverage Drive Test (2G,3G,4G)

Courses Involved (Taught) 

  • RF & Microwave Engineering
  • Legal & regulatory in Telecommunications


Shakib Abdullahi Osman


Master of Electrical and Electronics Engineering               (UTHM)

Bachelor of Telecommunication Engineering                     (SIMAD)

Bachelor of Public Administration                                         (HIU)


Research Area

Antenna designs for 5G and 6G applications

Micro-fluidic Phased Array Antennas

ICT & IoT (Socio-Economic Digitalization)



Courses Involved (Taught) 

Telecommunication Management Networks                   @ SIMAD

Research methodology courses and guidelines                @ Precise Evaluation Service PES


Topics Supervised

Year: 2022

  1. Design of Transparent Antenna for 5G Wireless Applications
  2. Design of a Small Patch Antenna At 3.5 GHz for 5g Application

Eng. Osman Dirie Hussein



  • Master Candidate, In Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  • BSc In Telecommunication Engineering


Research Area

  • SDN/NFV based 5G Architecture
  • Resource Management for Cellular Communication
  • Small Cells and also Movable Base Stations
  • Wireless and Mobile Internet Protocol Based for Communications
  • Internet of Things
  • Digital Light Processing
  • Electronics Areas

Teaching (Experience can I teach)

  • Electromagnetic Field I, II
  • Electronic Circuit
  • Wireless and Communications
  • Digital Logic Design
  • Advanced Data Communications (Network), Optical Fiber & Antennas
  • Digital & Analog Communications
  • Flutter (Mobile Applications)


  • Current FabLab Operator, SIMAD Innovation Lab

Feb 10, 2022 – Present

  • Data Entry Clerk – Administrative Office Assistance at ARO, SIMAD University

August 14, – November 2021

  • Mathematics & Physics Instructor, Beder Educational School

July, 2015 – July 2016

  • Network Administrator in charge ICT division sector, SIMAD University – Town Campus – Present

Licenses & Certifications

  • Electronics Foundations: Semiconductor Devices – LinkedIn
  • Basic Electricity and Electronics – Analog (BEE-A) – Coursera
  • Candidate Flutter & CCNA Certified
  • Line and Antenna Sweeping (LAS) – Coursera
  • Broadband Voice over Internet Protocol (B-VoIP) – Cambium Networks
  • Digital & Analog Communications – AT&T – Communication Solutions
  • CompTIA Network + – Hurbad Institute of Technology

Teaching Assistance

  • Electronic Devices – Eng. Ahmed Mohamed Surqoy
  • Research Methodology – Eng. Abdul Rashid O. Mumin -Ph.D.


  • Flutter Mentor, SIMAD Innovation Lab
  • IoT- Project Designer, FOC
  • STEM
  • Engineering Entrepreneurship
  • Prototype Shaping

Topics Co-Supervised

            Year 2022

Role: Prototype Shaping & Project Developer

  • Thesis Title: Gas leakage detection

Supervisor: Eng. Mohamed Addow (Dhaqane)

  • Thesis Title: Fire Detection and Response Management System

Supervisor: Eng. Mohamed Addow (Dhaqane)

  • Thesis Title: IoT Based Smart Vehicle Accident Detection and Tracking Using Raspberry Pi and GPS Modem – Supervisor: Dr Yahye Abukar
  • Thesis Title: IoT Based Smart Traffic Light Violation Monitoring System

Supervisor: Dr salah Ali Hassan

  • Thesis Tittle: Smarta Car Parking System Using IoT and Mobile Apps

Supervisor: Dr salah Ali Hassan

  • Thesis Title: Wild Animal Tracking Application Using GPS

Supervisor: Dr Ismail Mohamed

  • Thesis Title: Design of Compact Ultra-Wideband Antenna for Wireless Communication

Supervisor: Assoc Prof Abdul Rashid Omar Mumin

Suleiman Dahir Mohamed


Bachelor: Civil Engineering at Benadir university

Masters:  statistics Universiti sains Malaysia

Research Areas:

  • Time series
  • Spatial modeling
  • Econometrics
  • Statistical inferences

Course Involvement:

  • Probability and statistics for Engineers

Abdulwali muse Mohamed


Bachelor: Civil Engineering at University Malaysia perlis

Masters: Construction management at Uthm



Research Areas:

  • Construction management

Course Involvement:

  1. Building Technology



Dr. Abdul Rashid Omar Mumin


Abdul Rashid has strong background in designing antenna experiments, performing SAR
reduction research using AMC and EBG, and developing new data analysis methods. Abdul
Rashid worked in collaboration with the research and development group of UTHM, Malaysia.
He was involved in studies on effect of Electromagnetic Energy towards human head on
attention performance, also using and artificial intelligence approaches. He has been primarily
interested in the artificial intelligence approaches-based SAR reduction and human body. His
ultimate research goal is to explore the interactions between devices and human body for
radiation analysis in predictive analytics for the development of a wireless communications.

Research interest
• Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning approaches.
• AMC and EVG Analysis of SAR reduction.
• Modeling Human Body using CST.
• RF Integrated Circuits.
• Signal and Image Processing Analysis

Teaching Activities

2015- Present- Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing.
2015- Network Simulation with Omnet,
2016- Signal Integrity (SI) Measurement Techniques for High-Speed Digital Circuits, 1
2017- Analog Electronics, Analogue Mixed-Signal System Lab and Power electronic
2018- Digital Signal Processing and analogue Integrated Circuit Design.
2019-Electrical Circuits
2021- Research Methodology and Supervision
2021- Communication Skills
2021- Engineering Ethics
2021- Antenna and Propagation
2021- Mobile Wireless communication

Awards and Recognition

2016-Recipient of Graduate Assistantship Scheme scholarship award Wireless and Radio
Science Centre.
2016-2019 Recipient of Graduate Assistantship Scheme scholarship award Universiti Tun
Hussein Onn Malaysia.
2016 -Best Presenter Award (3rd International Postgraduate Conference on Engineering &
Technology Research August Langkawi Malaysia
2018, – Best Session Chairperson ISCAIE IEEE Symposium on Computer Applications &
Industrial Electronics, Penang Island Malaysia.

Refereed Articles

1. Abdulrashid O. Mumin , Rozlan Alias, Abdisamad, Jiwa Abdullah, Samsul Haimi
Dahlan “A Survey on Recent Approaches of Electromagnetic Absorption Reduction
With Respect To Human Head Exposure To GSM Frequency Bands” SCIENCE
INTERNATIONAL-LAHORE, Science International ,(2017) 1, 13, ISSN:1013-5316
2. Abdul Rashid O. Mumin, Rozlan Alias, Jiwa Abdullah, Sanjoy Kumar Debnath
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Reduction Using AMC for WBAN Applications’ has been submitted for publication in
the wireless personal communication” (2020)(p-ISSN: 0929-6212- e-ISSN: 1572-834X
Under Review. (ISI).
3. Abdul Rashid Omar, R. Alias, Jiwa Abdullah, Samsul Haimi Dahlan, Jawad Ali, and
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Eng. Mohamed Ahmed Nur Ibrahim


Bachelor’s degree (with honorable degree) of electronics and communications engineering.



Course Involvement:

  1. Electronic devices I.
  2. Electronic devices II.
  3. Electrical measurements and instrumentation.
  4. Digital electronics.
  5. Digital signal processing.




Abdirizak Yasin Yusuf


  • Master Candidate, In Electrical Engineering
  • BSc Electrical Engineering at SIMAD University




I am an Enthusiastic, Self-motivated, Reliable, Responsible, Entrepreneurs, and Hard-working person. I am a mature team worker and adaptable to all challenging situations who has completed first degree of the university, achieving excellent grades in department of Electrical Engineering from SIMAD University.

Detail-oriented and improvement-driven Electrical Engineer with enough years of experience in designing, developing, testing electrical systems and Skilled in solar energy monitoring. Able to work both independently and collaboratively in a variety of settings, conditions, and environments


Research Area

  • Electrical Power Systems
  • Renewable Energy Sources


Courses Involved (Taught ) 

  • Digital Logic Design
  • Introduction to Electrical Engineering
  • Computer Aided Analysis I


Abdikarim Abi Hassan

Abdikarim Abi Hassan

University Lecturer in Mathematics Education

  • EdD (University of Roehampton)
  • MA Mathematics Education (Institute of Education, London)
  • PGCE Primary (Goldsmiths College, University of London)
  • BSc Mathematics (Leicester Polytechnic)
Membership of Professional Bodies/Associations
  • Executive Committee of the British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics (Secretary 2018 – )
  • The Mathematics Association
  • Member of the Joint Committee of the Association of Teachers of Mathematics and the Mathematics Association
  • The Association of Mathematics Education Teachers

I am a University Lecturer in mathematics education. My  research interests include inclusion and assessment in primary mathematics education, student teachers’ experiences of and responses to initial teacher education and gender and mathematics. I am currently developing work that draws on sociological perspectives to understand teachers’ and learners’ practices, identities and subjectivities in these areas. I started my career as a computer analyst/programmer before becoming a primary teacher in London. I moved into higher education as a teacher educator at the University of Roehampton prior to my current position at Cambridge. My main teaching commitments are the primary PGCE and the Masters in Mathematics Education and Primary Education as well as doctoral supervision.

Research Topics
  • Mathematics Teaching and Learning
  • Initial Teacher Education
  • Gender and Mathematics
  • Teacher and student identities and subjectivities
  • Inclusive practices in mathematics education
  • Assessment practices and policy
Current Research Project(s)
  • Changes in statutory assessment and its effect on professional practice
  • Student primary teachers’ perspectives on mathematical reasoning
  • Inclusive mathematics
  • Postgraduate
    • PGCE Primary Mathematics (Primary mathematics lead)
    • MPhil/MEd Mathematics Education (Route co-ordinator)
    • MEd Primary Education
    • Doctoral supervision.

I welcome applications from prospective doctoral students who are interested in focusing on mathematics education particularly from a post-structural theoretical perspective or studies outside of mathematics education in the areas of inclusion or gender from this perspective.